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Schedule Appointments

Get rid of the boring old appointment book and use hassle-free ihjezli appointment booking tool to manage your work calender. Manage the bookings on an easy to use mobile app with a POS (Point Of Sale) system to carry out sale transactions.

Manage Your Clients

ihjezli’s advanced management software organizes your client details, Their booking history and booking preferences. Online business management with ihjezli is easier, Quicker and it reduces the workload of your staff.

Activity Dashboard

ihjezli features an easy to use and intuitive dashboard that keeps track of your daily appointment scheduling activities. Daily business handling becomes much easier because ongoing appointment schedules, Appointment cancellations and client notifications are all displayed on this dashboard.

Fill up your calendar in no time.

Let clients book appointments & services online – anytime and on any device. Get started in minutes – try it out for free.

With the fast paced life we all live these days, customers are always looking for convenience and ease. Online scheduling software allows your clients to book and reschedule appointments and services anytime, Anywhere and on any device.
The conventional way of making a booking is using phone calls. But there is a limitation that working hours are finite. Even when customers manage to get a hold of your business representative it is a time consuming process. An online booking tool saves customers time and gives your revenue a big boost because you are open for business 24/7.
Most businesses have a dedicated team that manages the appointments and keep the work calender up to date. Automated confirmations and reminders will eliminate up to 70% of the back and forth communications for scheduling an appointment, reduce the time your team spends on the phone by 40% as well as minimize no-shows.

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ihjezli constitutes of a user friendly interface which is easy to learn and navigate. You will have all the necessary information updated regularly represented on different screens. You can access your customer records, History, Analytics very easily.

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